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Shajar rugs/kilim began as the dream of Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad (late) as a small manufacturing startup in 1960, adjacent city of Textile, Sangla Hill- Lahore. Over the years through shear, hard work determination and of course with the help of Allah, later on second generation of the family  was able to grow this small manufacturing  unit into a premier manufacturer with capabilities of making / manufacturing any type & any design of rug/kilim. Our designer’s team creates large variety of designs in

1 – Burber       2 – Kilim     3 – Ghabbeh      4 – Chobi     5 – Others

We have team specialized to carry out from design to manufacturing and then finish products any customize job regardless limits.

Shajar Rugs & Kilim is Pakistan’s forefront manufacturer of Persian, Oriental and modern rugs. Offering a wide range of superior floor coverings, our products are designed to inspire style and add comfort.  Whether you’re looking for a simple door mat, a modern and funky design to be the groundwork canvas for your room, or an outdoor rug to complete your entertainment area, the Shajar Rugs/Kilim collections have something for everyone.

Product Portfolio

Shajar rugs/kilim have in house facility to develop designs and all process related to development.

Rugs Types
1 – Burber       2 – Kilim     3 – Ghabbeh      4 – Chobi     5 – Others

Spinning Types
Hand Spun
Material Types
100% Wool


Shajar rugs/kilim operates with the philosophy of establishing friendly partnerships with all clients/buyers, regardless of their buying capacity, quantity & size. We treat each client and their requirements like our own, operating with the mindset that our client’s success is our own success. We are always striving for new ideas and developments for our customers. By being open, honest and fair heart, we believe everyone in a relationship can thrive in the long run.

Production and Supply Chain

We have the largest network of production for rugs and kilms to eliminate the poverty of indigent families. Every major market is unique and therefore requires specialized sizes, qualities, designs and colors. Our 3rd generation expertise allows us to incredible consistency in terms across our product range, so every customer gets exactly what they require, every time. Our immense control also allows us to quickly change our product according to market trends. Apart from sizable productions for major markets we also have specialized looms for customized orders.